Shackbox is a linux (ubuntu) based operating system designed for ham radio operator from F0FAK. Shackbox has all tools, software, applications for ham radio operator to control their rigs, antenna designing, PCB designing, logging, satellites tracking and more. Also windows software installed like the famous ham radio deluxe and trunking software.
It can run on intel’s Macintosh too.
This livecd is a must for ham radio operator, just download the iso, burn it and you can use it on any and bring it anywhere you want. suitable for dxing activities, emergency services, disaster communications or dx contest. One of my idea for this livecd is to make it bootable using USB drive. more compact, and more handy.
p/s: To F0FAK, great work dude.
73 de 9W2PJU


An amateur radio operator, Royal Signals veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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