Congratulations to Miss Diana Eng KC2UHB for her new Collapsible Fabric Yagi Antenna. Combination between fashion, sewing skills and ham radio skills make it possible. Her favorite ham radio activities is making contacts on satellites, so she needs an antenna which is easy to bring along. These photo explain everything.

This antenna design is based on one by Kent Britain WA5VJB


  1. Brass rod (6′) (1/8″ diameter)
  2. Hollow large brass/bronze rod (9′) (1/4″ diameter)
  3. Hollow small brass/bronze rod (1′ ) (3/16″ diameter) Make sure the small brass rod slides snuggly into the large brass rod.
  4. Elastic string (3 yards)
  5. Buckles (2) That fit narrow strapping
  6. Round buttons with thread shanks (4) You can also use a pony bead, or a button with a big shank but these will not look as nice.
  7. Velcro ties (2)
  8. Thread To match strapping and fabric
  9. Narrow strapping (1 yard ) (3/4″ wide)
  10. Wide strapping (2 Yards ) (1-1/4″ – 1″ wide) Like the bottom adjustable parts of straps on a backpack.
  11. Heavy fabric (1 Yard ) She is using a heavy nylon canvas, a fabric used to make bags. You could also use oil cloth or vinyl. Choose a heavy and durable fabric. Like the type that laptop bags or suitcases are made out of.
  12. RG-58 coaxial (10′) With BNC or UHF connectors.
  13. Wooden meter stick (1) Or a 1/4″ x 1 x 2ft. piece of wood
  14. Adhesive Velcro (1′)
  15. Masking tape

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An amateur radio operator, Royal Signals veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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