[Ubuntu-hams] UDS session notes for the Ubuntu-hams meeting

Here is a copy of the notes from the BOF we just completed at the Ubuntu
Developer Summit. Over the next few days/weeks you should see these
moving into implementation on the wiki and on the mailing list. If you
see anything that interests you personally, please speak up here or
contact any of the people who took the action items on this list.


Steve AI4QR

ubuntu-hams bof at UDS-M


AI4QR – sconklin – Steve Conklin (Belgium)
KA6MAL – kamal – Kamal Mostafa (Belgium)
W4KDH – bladernr – Jeff Lane (Belgium)
VK2YYZ / AD5RV – hughhalf – Hugh Blemings (Belgium)
NV0N / M0GLF – joey – Joey Stanford (Belgium)
LA6YKA – ryeng – Norvald H. Ryeng (IRC)
BV4WL – paulliu – Ying-Chun (Paul) Liu (Belgium) – Debian Developer


* #ubuntu-hams IRC channel is “official” (ChanServ, etc.)
* Registry owners freed up the ham packages so we can take ownership of
* Lets continue to work closely with debian-hams — upstream everything
to debian and past
* Ham radio evangelism – information about how to become a ham in
various countries
* blogging – who will write a regular blog? (Piju) who will read it?
do we need it at this point?
* use #ubuntu-hams to coordinate HF contacts – always welcome to use
the IRC channel for this purpose.
* would like to have a list of packages that are not currently in
Ubuntu/Debian. e.g. radio.linux.org.au
* could put some upstream items in an ubuntu-hams ppa so they can be
updated outside of Ubuntu release cycle
* Joop Stakenborg’s packages – Joop has retired – we need new debian
maintainers for these packages, we can help.
* modernization of ham packages (i.e. upstart)
* a recommendation section for “most common ham packages” – give new
ham users a place to start
* tutorial page(s) for the most common packages (fldigi)

* Kamal: ubuntu-hams setup as official maintainers of ham packages
* Steve: setup a wiki page to invite upstreams into the ubuntu-hams
process (where we can help them stay connected with debian-hams)
* joey: work with Jorge Castro re: getting the ham packages into the
upstream report
* Steve: talk to Jorge about blogging
* Kamal: produce more of the ubuntu-hams pin badges and distribute to
all ubuntu-hams members
* Kamal: setup wiki pages with marketing stuff (svg images of
ubuntu-hams logo, etc.)
* Steve: setup monthly IRC meeting
* Kamal: general call for help on IRC to create a wiki with all the
descriptions and screenshots of the ham radio packages. Sent call to
help to Joey who will try to get it into UWN so non-hams can help us
* Kamal / Steve: “Ham radio with Linux overview” page
* Steve: figure out how we can get started with translations
* Jeff Lane: copy/freshen mission statement from LP ubuntu-hams &
ubuntu-hams-devel pages to new wiki page
* Steve: check on XDG Ham Radio menu. Joey: UWN call for help. ham
radio menus – what is the status of this? becoming deprecated or not?
if not, lets support it for all packages. Good starter for
motu-wannabes. Creation of .desktop and adding to xdg menu. Need to
check to see if xdg menu is going away. If not, we can send out to
community to ask for help.
* Kamal: debian-hams ambassador: Paul, Kamal, Steve
* Steve: Mail this text doc out to the ubuntu-hams list



p/s: Good work guys. Shows the world who we are, what we see and what we do. 73 de 9w2pju, Malaysian Ubuntu ham radio operator


An amateur radio operator, Royal Signals veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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