KH0UA Yoshiki, 9 years old, is one of young contester. He and his dad Kuny/W1FPU joined the team AH0BT, located in Northan Marianas Saipan Island, and has enjoyed All Asian DX contest 2009 Phone. The entrants of All Asian DX contest should send their age as contest number, so KH0UA exchanged his “59-09” to Asian stations, that sounds very very cool !! Especially the second contact in this video clip, KH0UA made a contact with JF1VGZ/1 who is 10-years old Japanese girl, and exchange the his “59-09” and her “59-10”. We believe this exchanging is the most young contest numbers in the AADX contest including the past.

9 years old boy operated on 40M HF, does he know CW ? Can we see this situation in Malaysia ? perhaps someday or never.


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