This is one amazing young lady that is only 8 years old, she is set out to make herself available should there be a disaster requiring individuals with specially trained skills in the area of Emergency Radio Communications & Weather spotting for the National Weather Service.

In order to make yourself available to the government and your community a really good place to start is by obtaining at least one of Federal Communications Commission’s Amateur Radio Licenses to be legally able to operate these high powered two-way radio devices (No, nothing like the Citizen’s Band Radios used back in the 70’s where you just send in a payment and the FCC sends you back a piece of paper (license) saying you can talk on the radio).

The license that this 8 year Deltona girl obtained required her to pass all three license class exams, where she had to answer a total of 120 randomly selected questions from a total of 1,618 questions between all three exams, (not seeming to be much of a task, but many fail each of the exams, multiple times).
The Orlando Sentinel News Paper was so impressed with Mikaila’s feat that they not only wrote a news story in their paper they also posted in the story in their video archives and thanked her for her service to the community.

8 years old and already in a position that she is receiving thanks from a major news publisher for her services, WOW what a task. What a young lady! It is good know that we have youth growing up in our community that is willing to stand up for their neighbors.

Mikaila Williams KK4BFK who has been issued with the highest US Amateur Radio license – Extra class.


An amateur radio operator, Royal Signals veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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