Recently there was a commenter on my blog, his/her nickname is 9W2SUX. As far as i know, 9W is suffix for class B amateur radio station from Malaysia, and 9W2 means that he/she is from Peninsular Malaysia. i had done my investigation, checked to the Malaysia amateur radio callsign database, but the callsign was never occupied. im not sure why he/she use that nickname, either he/she want to curse all 9W station, 9M station, me, my blog or he/she really a 9W2SUX apparatus assignment holder? only God knows why.

SUX definitions from,

Another style to write “sucks”. When something or someone sucks, that means they are not good or bad, or you didn’t like it.

The noun form of the verb “sucks”. Used to connote a lack of quality or skill. Can also be used as an interjection.

i think he/she are unique, named himself/herself as a sucks person. My investigation on found “9W2SUX” keyword on mypapit’s channel. From his website, i can say that mypapit also a Malaysian amateur radio class B operator, 9W2WTF.

on one of his video, he mentioned my previous class B callsign and 9W2SUX. He identified 9W2SUX as matjan. im not sure who is matjan and who is 9W2SUX apparatus assignment holder now, better ask mypapit a.k.a 9W2WTF for more info. 


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