Look at this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em5DXayPdQ4

Yes, CW wins. 

But, this is not my point. If the phone are using latest technology of typing such as QWERTY keyboard, auto text completion or swiping on touch screen phones, im sure CW is not the winner.

Lets talk about the advantages of CW or Morse code, CW uses only 1/10 spectrum. If you could see CW signals in waterfall display, you will know what i mean. This is what i am talking about. unlike voice operation or phone, CW signals is very narrow. Means that CW can be heard thousand miles away from the transmitter location. No matter what type of band condition you are having, QSB, bad propagation, etc. CW or OOK (on-off keying) is the easiest setup for narrow bandwidth signal, unlike PSK, RTTY. You dont even need any computer to send or receive the signal, just you and yourself transmitting and listening to the code.

CW suitable for emergency communication where you need to send the message in a straight forward plain text. Not like phone operation, where phone operation sometimes lead to a nonsense talk.

Fastest QWERTY keyboard or swiping on touch screen phones can’t lead you to a rescuer when you are in bad situation where you phone is useless because the cellular tower or base station are down.

Fastest QWERTY keyboard or swiping on touch screen phones also can be useless if your credit on your prepaid phone line is $0.00.


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