This is a list of magazines that focus on topics related to amateur radio. It is not complete by any means.

Magazine Country Language Frequency Published
73  United States English Monthly 1960-2003
Amateur Radio  Australia English Monthly 1932-present
Amateur Radio  India English Quarterly
Break In  New Zealand English Bimonthly 1927-present
CQ Amateur Radio  United States English Monthly 1945-present
CQ DL  Germany German Monthly
CQ ham radio  Japan Japanese Monthly 1946-present
CQ-PA  Netherlands Dutch Monthly 1951-present
CQ-QSO  Belgium Dutch, French Bimonthly
CQ VHF Magazine  United States English Quarterly
Electric Radio  United States English Monthly 1989-present
Electron  Netherlands Dutch Monthly 1945-present
Electronics Illustrated  United States English Monthly 1959-1961
Five Nine  Japan Japanese Monthly
Funkamateur  Germany German Monthly
Hagal  Israel Hebrew 5-6x per year
HamFormosa  Taiwan Chinese Monthly
ham radio  United States English Monthly 1968-1990
Ham’s CQ  China Chinese Quarterly ????-2006
HB Radio  Switzerland German Monthly
K9YA Telegraph  United States English Monthly 2004-present
Modern Electrics  United States English Monthly 1908-1913
National Contest Journal  United States English Bimonthly 1973-present
old man  Switzerland German, Italian, French Monthly 1932-2007
Onda corta  Mexico Spanish Bimonthly 1932-present
Practical Wireless  United Kingdom English Monthly 1932-present
Radio, Fernsehen, Elektronik  Germany German Monthly
Radio  Russia Russian Monthly 1924-present
Radioamateur Magazine  France French Monthly 2008-present
Радiоаматор (Radioamateur)  Ukraine Ukrainian, Russian Monthly 1993-present
Radio News  United States English Monthly 1917-1971
Rádiótechnika  Hungary Hungarian Monthly Unknown
Radio ZS  South Africa English Quarterly Unknown
QEX  United States English Bimonthly 1981-present
QTC Amatörradio  Sweden Swedish Monthly
QSP  Portugal Portuguese Monthly
QST  United States English Monthly 1915-present
RadCom  United Kingdom English Monthly 1913-present
Radio REF  France French Monthly
Radioamatööri  Finland Finnish Monthly
Radiocomunicaţii şi Radioamatorism  Romania Romanian Monthly
RadioRivista  Italy Italian Monthly
Revista del Radio Club Argentino  Argentina Spanish Monthly 1965-present
HELLENIC RADIO MAGAZINE[1]  Greece Greek Bimonthly 1995-present
SPRAT  United Kingdom English Quarterly 1974-present
SV NEA[2]  Greece Greek Bimonthly 1988-present
Świat Radio  Poland Polish Monthly
The Canadian Amateur  Canada English, French Bimonthly
WorldRadio  United States English Monthly 1971-2008
WorldRadio Online  United States English Monthly 2009-present
CQ COMMUNICATIONS TODAY  China Chinese Bimonthly 2009-present

Source: Wikipedia.


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