HEMA stands for HuMPs Excluding Marilyns Award. To the uninitiated that might look like gobbledegook. 
A HuMP is a summit that has Hundred Metre Prominence, meaning that it sticks up above the surrounding land by at least 100m. A Marilyn is a summit with 150m prominence. 
HEMA then is an award for HuMPs with a prominence of less than 150m. Marilyns have their own award scheme through Summits on the air (SOTA). 
The HEMA scheme currently operates in the UK and Ireland, other parts of Europe, Australia and Malaysia.
Check out HEMA rules and awards here http://www.hema.org.uk
and 9M2 West Malaysia regions here http://www.hema.org.uk/country.jsp?countryCode=9M2
Friday 1st 1200z – Saturday 2nd September 1200z is World HEMA Day! visit http://www.hema.org.uk/whd.jsp for more info.


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