YouTube has become an incredible platform for amateur radio enthusiasts to share their knowledge, experiences, and adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned ham radio operator or a beginner looking to learn more about this fascinating hobby, these YouTube channels offer a wealth of content to engage and inspire you. In this blog post, we present an extensive list of the best amateur radio YouTube channels. By incorporating the following SEO strategies, you can boost your blog’s visibility and attract a wider audience of radio enthusiasts.

  1. Ham Radio Crash Course:
    Hosted by Josh Nass (KI6NAZ), Ham Radio Crash Course is a popular YouTube channel that covers a wide range of topics related to amateur radio. From equipment reviews and tutorials to antenna building and field operations, Josh’s engaging style and informative videos make this channel a must-watch for any ham radio enthusiast.
  2. HamRadioConcepts:
    Run by Jason (KC5HWB), HamRadioConcepts provides a mix of informative videos, product reviews, and practical demonstrations. Jason’s passion for ham radio shines through his content, making it an excellent resource for those looking to expand their knowledge and skills.
  3. Ham Radio 2.0:
    Hosted by Jason (KF5IW), Ham Radio 2.0 focuses on digital modes, software-defined radio (SDR), and emerging technologies in the amateur radio world. This channel offers in-depth tutorials, product reviews, and interviews with experts, making it a treasure trove for tech-savvy hams.
  4. KM4ACK:
    Run by Jason (KM4ACK), this YouTube channel focuses on portable operation, QRP (low power) radios, and backpacking adventures. Jason’s videos provide practical tips, gear recommendations, and field operation techniques, making it a go-to resource for outdoor enthusiasts.
  5. HamRadioNow:
    Hosted by Gary (KN4AQ), HamRadioNow features interviews, panel discussions, and event coverage from the world of amateur radio. Gary’s journalistic approach brings a unique perspective to the channel, making it an excellent source of insights and information.
  6. Ham Radio Basics:
    As the name suggests, Ham Radio Basics is dedicated to providing fundamental knowledge and tutorials for beginners. Hosted by Andy (M0CVO), this channel covers topics such as licensing, equipment setup, and operating procedures in a clear and concise manner.
  7. K6UDA Radio:
    Hosted by Bob (K6UDA), K6UDA Radio offers a blend of instructional videos, humorous skits, and ham radio adventures. Bob’s entertaining approach makes learning about amateur radio enjoyable and accessible to all.
  8. DX Commander:
    Run by Callum (M0MCX), DX Commander focuses on antenna systems and DXing (long-distance communication). Callum shares his expertise in antenna design, installation tips, and DXpedition experiences, making this channel invaluable for those seeking to improve their DXing capabilities.
  9. Ham Radio Now:
    Ham Radio Now, hosted by David (K3DAV), features thought-provoking discussions, presentations, and interviews with experts in the amateur radio community. This channel covers a wide range of topics, including technology, contesting, and emergency communications.
  10. OH8STN:
    Run by Julian (OH8STN), this channel emphasizes portable and off-grid amateur radio operation, with a focus on emergency preparedness and communication. Julian’s videos showcase field operations, solar power setups, and equipment reviews, offering valuable insights for those interested in self-sufficient radio communication.
  11. SignalsEverywhere:
    SignalsEverywhere explores the world of software-defined radio (SDR) and radio frequency (RF) hacking. Hosted by Corrosive (KC3PBR), this channel provides tutorials, product reviews, and demonstrations related to SDR technology.
  12. TheSmokinApe:
    TheSmokinApe offers a variety of videos on amateur radio, including equipment reviews, antenna projects, and practical demonstrations. Hosted by Rich (KE4GKP), this channel provides a mix of educational content and entertaining videos.
  13. HamRadioNow:
    HamRadioNow, hosted by Gary (W4EEY), features interviews, presentations, and discussions on a wide range of amateur radio topics. This channel provides insights into the latest trends, technologies, and events in the ham radio community.
  14. W2AEW:
    W2AEW specializes in electronics and RF engineering, offering tutorials, circuit analysis, and equipment reviews. Hosted by Alan (W2AEW), this channel is an excellent resource for those interested in the technical aspects of amateur radio.
  15. Ham Radio Perspectives:
    Ham Radio Perspectives, hosted by Sterling (N0SSC), explores various aspects of amateur radio, including antennas, equipment reviews, and operating techniques. Sterling’s analytical approach makes this channel a valuable resource for those seeking technical insights.

YouTube has become an incredible platform for amateur radio enthusiasts to share their knowledge, experiences, and adventures. Byincorporating these SEO strategies and tags into your blog post about the best amateur radio YouTube channels, you can significantly enhance its visibility and attract a wider audience of radio enthusiasts. Remember to optimize your meta tags, headings, and content with these keywords to improve your search engine rankings. With increased visibility, your blog will become a go-to resource for amateur radio enthusiasts seeking valuable video content. Happy blogging and YouTube channel exploration!


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