From May 24th to 26th, 2024, Dataran Pahlawan in Melaka became the vibrant hub of Hari Belia Negara, offering a plethora of activities and exhibits to enthral visitors. Among the myriad attractions, one standout feature was the Amateur Radio booth presented by the Melaka Radio Amateur Communication Club (MERACC). This booth proved to be an engaging and educational highlight of the event, offering a captivating journey into the world of amateur radio.

What Visitors Discovered at the MERACC Booth

The MERACC booth showcased a diverse array of amateur radio technologies, providing visitors with hands-on opportunities to explore the capabilities of High Frequency (HF), Very High Frequency (VHF), and satellite communications. Throughout the event, the booth featured live demonstrations and interactive sessions, offering insights into the fascinating realm of amateur radio.

High Frequency (HF) Communication

Visitors had the chance to learn about HF radios and witness their functionality firsthand. They experienced the thrill of making contacts with amateur radio operators from around the world, thanks to the long-distance transmission capabilities of HF communication.

Very High Frequency (VHF) Communication

The booth also featured VHF stations, where visitors could discover the applications and advantages of VHF communication, particularly for local and regional communications. From local chats to emergency communications, attendees gained insights into the versatility of VHF technology.

Satellite Communication

For those curious about satellite communication, the MERACC booth provided a captivating showcase of how amateur radio satellites enable long-distance communication beyond the horizon. Visitors learned about satellite tracking, equipment requirements, and even had the opportunity to participate in live satellite communication sessions.

Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS)

APRS technology, which combines GPS and radio communication, was demonstrated at the booth. Visitors witnessed how APRS is used for real-time tracking and communication in various scenarios, from tracking the locations of fellow radio operators to supporting public service events and emergencies.

Why the MERACC Booth Was a Must-Visit

  1. Interactive Learning: Visitors immersed themselves in hands-on experiences with different types of amateur radio communication technologies.
  2. Expert Insights: Experienced amateur radio operators were on hand to answer questions and provide demonstrations, enriching visitors’ understanding of the hobby.
  3. Live Demonstrations: Attendees witnessed live HF, VHF, and satellite communication sessions, offering a glimpse into the dynamic world of amateur radio.
  4. Networking Opportunities: The booth provided a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, fostering a sense of camaraderie within the amateur radio community.
  5. Innovation Showcase: Visitors had the chance to explore the latest advancements and technologies in amateur radio, inspiring curiosity and innovation.

Reflecting on Hari Belia Negara 2024

Whether attendees were seasoned amateur radio enthusiasts or newcomers eager to learn, the MERACC booth at Hari Belia Negara 2024 offered an enriching and memorable experience. As the event concluded, visitors departed with newfound knowledge, inspiration, and perhaps a newfound passion for the captivating world of amateur radio.


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