RF-Swift is an advanced, cross-platform RF toolbox designed to meet the needs of HAM radio enthusiasts and RF professionals. Developed using Go and shell scripts, this toolbox simplifies the deployment of Docker containers for various RF tools, allowing users to maintain their preferred operating systems.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Platform Support: Compatible with both Linux and Windows.
  • Ease of Use: Provides scripts for easy installation and deployment.
  • Customizable Docker Files: Offers specialized Docker file recipes to conserve space and suit specific needs.
  • Open Source: Inspired by the Exegol project, RF-Swift aims to integrate essential RF analysis tools without affecting the host system.

Installation Requirements:

  • Linux: Only requires Docker engine installation.
  • Windows: Needs Docker Desktop, GoLang, and usbipd for USB device management.


  • Building: Simple build scripts for both Linux (build.sh) and Windows (build-windows.bat).
  • Running Containers: Use ./rfswift run with various flags for customization.
  • Executing Commands: Easily execute commands inside existing containers.

Contributions and Future Plans:

RF-Swift encourages community contributions to expand its toolset and aims to develop a dedicated page for developers. Future updates will also address issues like sound management in certain tools.

For detailed instructions and to contribute, visit the RF-Swift GitHub repository.


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