In the world of hardware hacking and cybersecurity tools, the Flipper Zero has gained a reputation for its versatility and functionality. However, for those seeking a more accessible and cost-effective solution, the Willy Firmware V2 for the ESP32 microcontroller presents an impressive alternative. Developed by h-RAT and hosted on GitHub, this open-source firmware offers a wide range of features and continuous updates, driven by community input and a commitment to user-friendly design.

Introduction to Willy Firmware V2

Willy Firmware V2 is designed to replicate and expand upon the functionalities of the Flipper Zero, using the widely available and affordable ESP32 microcontroller. This makes it particularly attractive in regions where the Flipper Zero is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive. The firmware is regularly updated to integrate new features and fix bugs, ensuring stability and performance.

Website: Willy Firmware V2

🔑 Key Features:

📶 Sub-GHz Capabilities:

  • Read RAW: Capture and decode raw signals from various remote controls, storing up to 30 signals for later use.
  • Transmit: Generate and send signals based on known protocols, compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • Scanner: Analyze signal strength across frequencies to identify the strongest signal.
  • Jammer: Create noise to disrupt communication (use responsibly and within legal regulations).
  • Bruteforce: Generate and send all possible codes for specific protocols to access devices like garage doors.
  • Rolljam and Rollback: Proof-of-concept tools for capturing and reusing rolling codes, targeting key fob vulnerabilities.

🔴 Infrared (IR) Capabilities:

  • Learn: Capture signals from IR remotes and save them for future use.
  • Remote: Use as a universal remote with a vast database of codes.
  • TV-B-Gone: Turn off televisions using predefined signals for different regions.
  • Saved File: Manage and transmit saved IR signals from device storage.

🔵 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Features:

  • BLE Spammer: Flood BLE devices with connection requests to test their resilience.
  • BLE Scanner: Discover and monitor nearby BLE devices, displaying details like name, MAC address, and signal strength.

🌐 Wi-Fi Tools:

  • SSID Spammer: Flood an area with fake SSID broadcasts to overwhelm networks.
  • Sniffer: Scan for Wi-Fi networks and clients, with options for deauthentication attacks.
  • Evil Portal: Create a fake access point with a custom login page to capture user credentials.

⚙️ Device Management:

  • About: Display detailed device information.
  • Sleep Mode: Turn off the device using a physical button.
  • Customization: Adjust display brightness, recolor icons, and set a PIN for security.
  • Reset: Restore the device to its original state, including resetting the PIN.

Building and Using Willy Firmware V2

Building Willy Firmware V2 requires an ESP32 board, specifically the T-Display-S3 model available from various vendors like Lilygo and AliExpress. Users can either build the device using DIY methods or purchase a pre-made Willy shield.


Legal and Ethical Considerations

The developers of Willy Firmware V2 emphasize that the device is intended for educational purposes and legitimate cybersecurity testing. Illegal use, such as unauthorized hacking or accessing sensitive information, is strictly prohibited. Users are encouraged to act responsibly, adhering to legal and ethical guidelines.

The device aims to promote knowledge and improve cybersecurity skills within a legal framework. Users bear full responsibility for their actions and any consequences that may arise from misuse.


Willy Firmware V2 offers a powerful and versatile alternative to the Flipper Zero, leveraging the affordability and accessibility of the ESP32 microcontroller. With a rich feature set covering Sub-GHz, Infrared, BLE, and Wi-Fi functionalities, it serves as an invaluable tool for both professionals and enthusiasts in the field of cybersecurity. The continuous updates and community-driven development ensure that Willy Firmware V2 remains a robust and reliable choice for various hardware hacking and penetration testing tasks.

For more detailed information and to get started, visit the Willy Firmware V2 website.


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