TID Station is an innovative application designed to replace the three separate apps supplied by TIDRADIO, consolidating their functions into a single, streamlined app. The app also offers real-time configuration changes through its Live Mode, which adds a level of remote functionality previously unavailable.

Addressing Virus/Malware Detections:
There have been reports of virus and malware detections associated with TID Station. However, these detections are false positives. Users who are concerned about these alerts are advised not to download or use the application until these issues are resolved.

Current Development Status:
TID Station is currently in its Beta phase. This means that while it is functional, it is also undergoing frequent updates and may contain bugs and glitches. Users should be prepared for this and contribute feedback to help improve the application.

New Features in Version 0.30b:
The latest update, version 0.30b, introduces the ability to unlock transmission (TX) down to 18 MHz. It’s important to note that while this feature is available, it is almost guaranteed that the radio will not operate correctly outside the capabilities of its filters and power amplifier (PA). The developer strongly advises against transmitting on unauthorized frequencies and does not support such actions. Notably, the TD-H3 radio will not transmit on Air Band frequencies regardless of these new limits.

Interest in Frequency Analysis:
There is a growing interest in conducting a frequency analysis of the radio on the HF bands, particularly into a dummy load. It is suspected that the behavior will be similar to that of the Quansheng radio in these conditions.

TID Station is a promising tool for TIDRADIO users, offering consolidated functionality and real-time configuration capabilities. While still in Beta, the app shows significant potential for enhancing the user experience. As with any new technology, users should approach it with caution, particularly concerning the new features that unlock extended transmission capabilities.

For more information and to download TID Station, visit the official GitHub page.


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