APRS tracker and communicator for mobile devices written in python / elementary. Targeted especially for the Openmoko Freerunner it utilizes FSO freesmartphone middleware framework. Tested and used on SHR, where atrack is in repos, so to install type: opkg install atrack

Atrack can also track on different services, i.e. support for youloc.net, but then it acts as a dumb tracker.

Please note that usage within the aprs network requires amateur radio license, but for non-commercial usage you can run your own FOSS aprsd server http://sourceforge.net/projects/aprsd/, this is given by the license of the APRS protocol, both aprsd server and atrack are FOSS). You can also run a fake small perl script server PrivateAPRS_IS_FakeServer


  • aprs login with a try to autoreconnect on failure
  • aprs filter support
  • receive messages/bulletins
  • create/reply/forward message
  • predefined text strings for quick messaging
  • predefined list of recipients
  • ack autosend
  • tracking + smart tracking – corner pegging (tracking on APRS and also on http://youloc.net/ )
  • packet compression used on all packets
  • pause tracking during phone call
  • send status message
  • send last know location
  • calculate locator grid
  • display nearby stations, objects, items
  • edit/save into conf file
  • portrait/landscape/fullscreen/day/night mode
  • screen dim/suspend blocking
  • APRS Query – replying to aprs query for position and status
  • send any Direct query, predefined Q for P, S, M, O, H, D
  • create, edit Objects and Items with predefined names
  • Mic-E encoded packets initial support (shows some funny failures sometimes)
  • display a map with position with an object/station – based on Openstreetmap or actually on http://ojw.dev.openstreetmap.org/StaticMap/




Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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