Since 2009, I own an ICOM IC-2200H on my mobile station. I have 2 antennas for it, a loaded quarter wave whip and a 5/8 whip.

I usually use it for simplex and repeater analog voice operation.

When I’m in urban area such a kuala lumpur, I always use my loaded quarter wave since it wont giving me any problem to enter any basement parking lots.

But when I’m in rural area I will use my 5/8 whip since it has better reception and transmitting performance.

I’ve made an air choke balun on the transmission cable, nearer to my rig and attached a ferrite core to it.

I use external speaker made by MFJ for better sound and tone quality.

I like my rig since i can listen to AM mode. Listening air traffic control tower talking to a pilot is fun when you are stucked in traffic jam.

How about your mobile station?


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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