i heard someone on the amateur radio repeater station last month, saying that “kita main radio cara kampung je”

i would like to recall their statement here,

you all need to make up your mind. We are Malaysian amateur radio operator, not a commercial or just what you said that, “main radio cara kampung”. If you are a class A or class B Malaysian amateur radio operator, that will mean to the world that you are Malaysian . So you need to behave, and try to solve something, arguments or whatever in the profesional way, not the “kampung” way.

No matter how “kampung” you live, mostly everyone are from kampung. Before the city, must be a kampung first. i try to make you understand that underestimating yourself or oneself are not good. no matter how.

we learn from our first education institution, which is our home. dad and mummy are our first teacher. if you are behaving like unpolite to the people, you are showing that how bad your dad and mummy are. easy, dont mad at me. this is true.

we are living our lives, so dont be so harsh to others. All of Malaysian amateur radio operator clubs not educating their members to be so harsh to others. For example, if you are an ASTRA’s member, if you are talking bad to other club members, this will displaying to others that ASTRA’s members is not good treating other amateur radio station. Just for example, i didnt mean that ASTRA’s members are that bad.

so people, please make up you mind. think and rethink before you make any statement on the air. if you are transmitting bad words on VHF repeaters, our neighbor also can hear us. we can expect what they will say about us, Malaysian amateur radio operator. No matter which club you are, which country or which region, we are sharing the same frequency. be polite, and show to the world that we are the best amateur radio operator too.

just a little words from me.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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